The Family Communications Workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona Jan 9th & 10th

We are so excited to bring this to you this January! Our family workshops have proven to be one of the most effective and life-changing experiences for the families we work with.

 The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch 7700 E McCormick Pkwy Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 United StatesHere is the booking link to reserve your room at the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch:

Click here to access the hotel booking link

We have negotiated a preferred room rate of $199/night with a few pre-nights and post-nights if that works for your schedule. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to be in January than the Valley of the Sun.

Here is what you have to know and do:

1. RSVP your plan to attend the January 2021 Family Communication Workshop to Tina Sawyers ( [email protected] ). Please include the number of people that will be joining you and their name and contact information.

2. Best airport to fly into is Phoenix International Airport (PHX). The best air carriers into PHX is Southwest Airlines or American Airlines.

3. Plan to arrive on Friday, January 8th to get settled in and get some good rest (you are going to need it as it will be a busy two days).Clearview Executive Director

4. If you plan on flying out on Sunday evening, we will not be finished until 5:00 PM, PT so no departure flights before 7:00 PM, PT. I would prefer you to fly out on Monday morning.

5. When you finalize your travel plans, please send them over to Tina for our planning purposes.

6. We will work hard from 8:00 AM, PT to 5:00 PM, PT each day and there will be pre-work to do before you arrive and there will be homework on Saturday night.

Clearview Academic DirectorIf you are looking for an excuse to not attend, you won’t have to look very far. Name it…your work, your schedule, money, COVID. Name it. That’s my challenge for you. There is absolutely no excuse to not prioritize this Family Communication Workshop. Here’s why:

• You need the connection and the community. As our family has struggled, we have often felt alone. There is comfort and solace in walking through this healing process with others on a similar journey. We are not alone. In fact, there are many families seeking the same comfort in the community that you are, and they are in various growth stages in their own journey. Regardless, walking through this journey together is far more effective than attempting to do it alone.

• It is one of the proven ways to add fuel to your daughter’s emotional growth. When she sees you doing your own work, it just changes everything. In the 25+ years we have been working with families it self-evident that our students truly digs into their work when they realize they are not in this alone. The work becomes a family mission.

Here’s what we will cover at the January 2021 Family Communication Workshop:

− Guiding Principles
− Why mindset matters
− Self-betrayal
− Kudos Bank
− Family Values Framework
− Deflector and sponge phrases
− Arguing
− Collusion
− Boxes we carry
− Two mindsets
− Boundaries
− Responsible Listening Model
− Awareness Wheel
− The influence pyramid
− Outward mindset pattern
− Resolving collusion
− Good times/Bad Times
− Stairway of self-esteem
− Masks
− Transactional Analysis
− Ego Graphs
− Victim Game
− Resolving Conflict
− Commitment Scale
− Book of Lies
− Feedback

If you are open, by the end of this workshop you will be more aware of how to better communicate within your family and more prepared to successfully welcome your Elk Mountain student home when she graduates from the program.

We are excited to share all that we have to offer and all that we are doing in our mission to create a safe space for healthy growth to light the path for your daughter and your family.

Let’s break bread together in Arizona this January. Book your room reservation today!


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Mike Linderman, MA, LCPC

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I am married with three children and live in Montana. I have been working with troubled teens for over 20 years and specialize in...