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Life was not going all that great for Indian migrant worker Mohan Paswan. After getting injured in a serious traffic accident in January, work for Paswan dried up thanks to New Delhi’s COVID-19 lockdown.

It wasn’t long after Paswan was unable to earn money that his landlord cut off the electricity and threatened to kick him and his daughter out of their apartment. 

It was then that his teenage daughter, Jyoti Kumari - who had left school in order to care for her injured father a year prior - suggested they make the arduous journey to their home village in Bihar. 

"There were only two problems with her plan to return home: one, their home was 750 miles away and two, they only had $20 to make it there." 

Desperate and left with no other option, 15-year old Jyoti convinced her injured father to use their last 20-dollar bill on a bicycle that she could then use to transport the duo over 1,300 km, or 750 miles, back to their home village - using just the strength in her legs. 

Unbelievably, after nearly starving, sleeping at gas stations, and relying on the help of strangers,  Jyoti and her father braved the 750-mile journey in just over a week’s time

The Girl Who Cycled 1200 km's with Injured Father

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Earlier this month, an injured migrant laborer named Mohan Paswan was forced to hobble home to his 15-year-old daughter and tell her he had been badly hurt, he had lost his job, and there was no way for them to get home to their faraway village in India.

Most people would regard their predicament as a horrible—even hopeless—situation; but now, the world is celebrating the incredible story that followed.

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Tina has worked in the field of Education for 23 years....

Tina has worked in the field of Education for 23 years. She graduated from Hastings College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and...