In order for God to bring something new, he must disrupt something that is normal. If we are looking to grow or to experience a miracle, we need to get into a position to receive. That means, we must allow God to do something new in our lives and even disrupt your normal, so God can give you His best!

In this post, we share Pastor Steven Furtick's recent message from Elevation Church. Pastor Furtick shares how you can still find peace in the middle of the storm. So, if you are struggling with anxiety, frustration, or disappointment, then THIS MESSAGE might be why you don’t have peace.

When the storm is raging all around us, should we stop and ask ourselves, "Is God saying something right now? And if so, are we listening?"

“Sometimes you think that you’re stuck but the fact is you just stopped.”

Sometimes, God uses the storms in life to say, "PAY ATTENTION! I WANT SOMETHING NEW FOR YOU!"

"No matter what you’re going through, no matter what those fear-based thoughts are telling you... be encouraged and don’t worry or stress, you know God will come through and help you and guide you through your darkest days and your best days! When in doubt, stick to what you know - God is the author and finisher of our faith. He will never leave you alone. He is always with you"

When God Disrupts Normal

Across the global many normal things have STOPPED and our lives are turned upside down. We can blame COVID, but there is more. The civil unrest and the riots and the spewing of hate at the end of an election year... it's all nasty and uncertain, and we don't know if anything will return to "normal." There is a good chance that many things will never return to normal, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Every Storm Brings With it a Whole Host of New Opportunities

When God disrupts our lives with something like COVID 19, or when we unexpectedly face sudden terror or tragedy, or we deal with some kind of major setback, especially those we didn't see coming, it's best to seek God. In times of uncertainty, along with the testing and the trials, there will be new opportunities for radical growth.

In times of uncertainty, we can fall prey to fear, or we can put our faith in God and see miracles happen.

You’re Not The Only One That's Scared

With COVID 19 we are ALL facing uncertainty, disruption, and a great deal of sudden loss. Keep in mind, you are NEVER alone, and this is not the first crisis we've faced, and none of us are victims unless we succumb to fear.


We are not the first people to go through a pandemic. You are not the only one who's scared, uncertain... trust me, we all have questions. And, today, with COVID 19 we are all going through the same storm, but we are not all in the same boat. COVID is affecting each one of us differently. To some, COVID is a fierce battle and to others some it's complete paralyzation. To others, COVID brought forth miracles and victories and triumphs.

"So you're gonna feed yourself fear and then pray for more faith?" - Pastor Steven Furtick

God still does miracles, including right now, they are all around us, every day, especially since COVID came. If we are present and if we really bare down and if we can "be present in God's presence," we will see that God is still at work and miracles abound.

The goal is not to "just get through this." The goal is for God to show us something so that we can get better. The purpose is to help others get better once we get through to the other side of the storm. Yes, get through it but for the right reason. Unfortunately, many people get stuck in the fear of the storm, and many STOP living and growing because FEAR caused them to get stuck.

Our focus as believers is not to know God’s plan for us but to TRUST in HIS plan for us. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am yours. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous hand” Isaiah 41:10

Focus on your rock, the God of grace and mercy and peace, and know that the storms will reveal your foundation for what it is. Is your foundation built upon Christ? 

Stop playing out fear in your mind. God is saying, "BELIEVE I AM WITH YOU"  and don't waste today's strength and courage by focusing on fear of the unknown.


God is taking us through something new... We've never been here before. But what you KNOW in Christ is enough. Stop predicting the negative scenarios, and focus on what you KNOW IN FAITH.

Stop Letting Y0our Mind Drive - Steven Furtick

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