(Disclaimer, the following article is curated to help parents with children who are preteen or younger. While this site is dedicated to serving the lives of teenage girls, there’s a good chance anyone reading this article might also have one or more children are younger than 13.)

With the vitriolic division, senseless violence, and widespread hatred in the world, it’s understandable for parents to feel concerned about their child’s future.

Let’s just put it this way, considering how things are shaping up in the waning weeks of 2020, we need (a lot more) empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and kind people as badly as we need a COVID-19 cure.

While parents have little to no control over the rest of society’s lack of empathy, there are ways to ensure their child isn’t part of the unempathetic masses, specifically, by raising them to be a good force and kind person in today’s dark world of indifference by teaching them to be.

Want to Raise Your Child to Be a Caring and Kind Person? Read!

One popular teaching method parents have at their disposal is to read informative children’s books with a positive message ( ala, stories that teach about compassion, acceptance, kindness, diversity, etc.) to their child.

But, while small children love to hear stories from mom and dad, older children might not be as open to the idea of listening to a parent read to them aloud.

That said, books are still an (extremely) popular and useful tool for parents who are raising children too old (and way, way, way too cool) to be read to at bedtime - Of course, I’m referring to every bookstore’s most popular section, books on parenting.

Since finding literature specifically created to teach parents how to raise their child to be empathetic and caring people might sound like an arduous task, we have cut out the middle-man and found a list of 10 books based on that very subject (HuffPost Made the list, but we found that list so, that has to count for something ;) ).

Below is a HuffPost article with 10 parenting books about how to raise empathetic children:

Huffpost - 10 Books for Parents Who Want to Raise Kind Kids

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