Choosing a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School Continued...

For many parents, extracurricular activities like athletics are essential when considering any prospective boarding school for their daughter. However, unlike public, or even traditional boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls (both agnostic and Christian) rarely offer athletics with their program. 


Like secular therapeutic boarding schools, not all Christian boarding schools for troubled teens offer athletics in their program. However, that's not to say that this is always the case. Top-tier Christian residential programs, such as Elk Mountain, put a large emphasis on athletics and physical fitness.  

For example, girls who enroll at Elk Mountain have their choice from a long list of physical activities: 

  • Aerobics
  • Self-defense lessons
  • River rafting
  • Rock climbing
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Camping
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Sledding
  • Traditional team sports 

At Elk Mountain ...

A full range of high school team sports is encouraged during the school year. We also encourage a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Our staff works hard to provide this integral part of the girls’ physical fitness regimen.

That said, if athletics and physical activity are essential to inquiring parents, they should make sure to utilize the services of a Christian boarding school that emphasizes the importance of staying fit. 

Elk Mountain Academy Emphasizes the Importance of Physical Fitness

Luckily for parents seeking the services of a Christian boarding school for troubled girls, Elk Mountain is a dynamic Christ-centered program that offers both modern and clinically proven treatments and a top-tier academic program with an added emphasis on physical activity. 

But with all the options out there for Christian parents of troubled girls to consider, why choose Elk Mountain? Well, in addition to our dynamic treatments, well-balanced emphasis on psychiatric, academic, behavioral and spiritual healing, and reputable experience, it is also our added emphasis on the importance of physical fitness that genuinely sets us apart from our competitors.  

Suffice it to say, here at Elk Mountain, we take physical fitness very seriously. As we all know, being physically fit is essential when it pertains to the overall well-being of young people - active teens are generally mentally and physically healthy, motivated, and likely to continue being physically active after adolescence. 

We believe that the mental and physical challenges of sports and other rigorous activities (such as equine therapy, biking, hiking, etc.) can be invaluable in teaching young women how to push beyond self-limiting beliefs and understand their true potential. 

As Found on "Our Program" Page

Throughout the school year, girls at Elk Mountain have opportunities to participate in many activities; aerobics, self-defense lessons, dance, river rafting, and rock climbing are just a few. Winter often finds our girls snowboarding on Schweitzer Mountain and snowshoeing or sledding at the lodge.

Our Dedication to Licensed, Professional Treatment

At Elk Mountain, girls receive an individual treatment plan aligned with their medical, emotional, and psychological needs. Our multi-disciplinary staff team is dedicated to helping all residents find a new, more productive life path.

Our Emphasis on Promoting Health and Physical Well-Being

More than just providing physical activities, we also emphasize the importance of all other aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. We ensure that our girls are given a healthy, nutritionally-balanced diet, are well-rested, and learn the importance of being healthy in their lives. 

We also believe that promoting a healthy lifestyle can be just as recreational as beneficial for one's well-being. In addition to team sports during the summer and spring months, girls at Elk Mountain engage in a myriad of fun and challenging outdoor activities, including hiking the beautiful mountains near our campus, camping, horseback riding, river rafting, fishing, and more. 

Behaviors Which Typically Bring Girls to Elk Mountain Academy:

  • Inconsiderate of Others – does things that are damaging to others.
  • Low Self-Image – often feels put down or of little self-worth.
  • Authority Problems – does not want to “be managed” by anyone.
  • Misleads Others – draws others into malicious behavior.
  • Easily Misled – is drawn into malicious behavior by others.
  • Aggravates Others – treats people in negative, hostile ways.
  • Easily Angered – often irritated.
  • Stealing
  • Alcohol or Drug Abuse Problems
  • Eating Disorders
  • Inappropriate behaviors stemming from adoption/abandonment issues
  • Lying or Cheating
  • Acting – puts on an act rather than being real.

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