15-Year-Old Hero Gives Away Over 200 Sanitation Kits to LA Homeless 

2020 has been a tough year for us all. In fact, you could say the year 2020 has been maddening enough that one would be forgiven for taking the year to focus on their own needs while neglecting the needs of others.

Well, if so, one Tesoro High School 15-year old who rallied her fellow honor students to help the homeless by giving away 250 low-cost “sanitation kits” to the homeless would have to challenge that notion of selfishness entirely while proving that it’s never the wrong time to act out of selflessness in order to better one’s community. 

Earlier this year, Shaivi Shah, a freshman in high school, took it upon herself to enlist the help of her fellow honor society classmates to give away more than 250 sanitation kits that included hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial soap, and homemade face masks in order to keep the homeless of Los Angeles safe during the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19. 

After launching a GoFundMe Campaign, Shaivi says she was inspired to do so after hearing a speech from Gavin Newsom when he addressed his state’s homelessness crisis earlier this year. So far her GoFundMe page has raised over $13,000.

To read more about this high school student’s selfless crusade, please click the link below:

This 15-year-old girl is helping to protect some of California’s most vulnerable people from the dangers of the novel coronavirus outbreaks.

Shaivi Shah has rallied her fellow honor society students into helping her give away more than 250 low-cost “sanitation kits” to homeless shelters around Los Angeles.

Each kit contains hand sanitizer, lotion, antibacterial soap, and handmade reusable face masks to help homeless people stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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